RAM AG, a program for farmers from farmers

Are you a farmer or rancher in need of a new work truck? We got ya' covered!
Welcome to North Carolina's first RAM Certified Agriculture Dealership, where our local Ag Community is valued and appreciated and we do all we can to make your jobs easier.

We work and live in Harnett, Sampson, Johnston and Cumberland County communities and we know firsthand the value and importance of our farmers and ranchers. Some of us here at Bleecker are a part of the agricultural community and we understand firsthand the demands made on farm trucks. We jumped at the chance to bring a program to North Carolina that married our agricultural community and our hard-working, never let ya' down RAM trucks. We know that you need to have a reliable truck that will pull, tow, haul and get you where you need to go, without worries.  We have a win - win deal with the RAM Certified Agriculture Dealership program and we are thrilled to share it with you, our Ag neighbors, families and friends.

Click here to download a brochure detailing our RAM Ag program:

BusinessLink - a program for Small Businesses

Commercial business is our business, and we've got the built-for-work vehicles, On The JobTM allowances, and the keep-you-on-the-road-to-profitability specialized service and sales expertise to prove it.

Whether it's a Ram truck, a commercial van, a Chrysler sedan or a Jeep® brand SUV, let us help you select the right vehicle and programs to meet your unique business needs.

Click here to read the BusinessLink brochure.

Click here for BusinessLink's On The Job Incentives brochure.

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